Zodiac, 2017

Photograph C-Print, 147×110,5 cm

Courtesy of the artist, Eva Hober gallery (FR) and Reinhard Hauff gallery (DE)

The photograph of this large back, on which a zodiacal circle is tattooed, is freely inspired by the first panel of the Mnemosyne Atlas of Aby Warburg. This representation of the celestial sphere dating from the eighteenth century illustrates the thirteen constellations that the sun crosses in twelve months. This image of divination that Clément Cogitore chooses to anchor in the flesh of a man, the way the Phoenician sailors tattooed themselves maps of the sky and the sea, constitutes a first fiction, and more specifically a first fictional and mythological landscape. The image is soft, the light bluish, the body can suffer and endure the needle that makes flow in him the story of a representation as it is also a visual knowledge that runs into his veins.

Léa Chauvel-Lévy, Art critic