The resonant interval, 2016

Video HD – col – 23 min
Production : Palais de Tokyo / Futur antérieur productions, avec le soutien de SAM Art Projects, SCAM, CNC-Dicréam, DRAC Alsace

« A border is no connection but a resonant interval » Marshal Mc Luhan

The starting point of the video installation devised by Cogitore is based on two unexplained phenomena having physical origins: the supposed perception of sounds emitted by the Northern Lights, and the appearance of a mysterious luminous object in Alaska. In both cases, superstitions and the Inuit and Saami belief systems have disturbed the quest for scientific explanations. Through the images and stories produced by these phenomena, a tale is set midway “between a personal and a collective mythology, between scientific protocol and ritual celebration, between fiction and documentary” » (1)
Stratospheric images, reflected on the ground, are melded with a dispersion in the darkened space of a polyglot voice and celestial music, composed by Francesco Filidei (born in 1973, lives in Pisa) and Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch (born in 1973, lives in Paris), leading to both a loss of spatial markers, and a disturbance of the senses.


(1) Daria de Beauvais, curator of the exhibition “The resonant interval”, Palais de Tokyo, 2016