Untitled, 2017

16mm Film – color – 45 seconds loop

Courtesy of the artist, Eva Hober gallery (FR) and Reinhard Hauff gallery (DE)

The starting material for this video is an archive shot of the Lascaux cave made in the 1980s. This short film shows frescoes that are now extinct or seriously degraded by mushrooms. These images are then projected in a small greenhouse containing a hundred butterflies of different sizes with a screen placed at the bottom.
The wings of the butterflies unfold in the light of the projection ray, hang the film image on the rhythm of their beat, captured by the film roll. In this strange bestiary where traces and images of millennial predators and ephemeroptic insects coexist, several temporalities collide.
«In spite of the technological evolution, the ritual of the cinema, the magic of its lantern, or that of any artistic creation, persists: like the men of Lascaux, we take a look on the original night and we guess shapes in the stones. We have a relationship of intimacy with the world such that the only way to translate it is to experience a secret, to live the depth of an «enigma to be solved». In the mental cave or in the cinema, the unintelligible is at the heart, so that we always open our eyes to the images ; proof that we keep in ourselves, always intact, a pure desire for wonder.

Léa Bismuth, Art critic and curator