Hunting Scenes, 2010

Video installation -10min loop
Video HDV 16/9 color
Production : 7° Biennale internationale de photographie et d’arts visuels, Musée d’art moderne et contemporain, Liège, DRAC Alsace

“A special kind of auction was held in Austria in late 2008: the army sold off 146 watchtowers installed along the border between Hungary and Slovakia.
Austria built the watchtowers in 1989 to fight against illegal immigration after the Iron Curtain fell. The military operation was called Operation Limes in memory of the Roman Limes (the name given to the fortifications that protected the empire from barbarians).
When Hungary and Slovakia joined the Schengen Area in late 2007, the watchtowers became obsolete.
Scènes de chasse explores these vestiges, their new owners and new uses.
At the gates of the empire, this film is about fortress, landscape, metamorphosis and the ability of political, social or military power to turn a human being into an animal to be hunted when it feels or assumes its borders are threatened.”

Clément Cogitore, January 2010