Photograph C-Print, 57,7 x 120,9 cm
Courtesy of the artist, Eva Hober gallery (FR) and Reinhard Hauff gallery (DE)

Clément Cogitore suspends and manipulates the credulity of the spectator to take him on a path woven of stories. Ghost_horseman_of_the_apocalypse_in_Cairo is a perfect example. It is a phototograph of a crowd gathered in Tahrir Square, during the Egyptian revolution, which alone symbolizes the capacity of the human brain to create its own stories and narrations.
This image, a screenshot taken from a video of a news channel, circulated on the web for several days because some Internet users had seen in its center a hazy figure, a luminous halo taking the form of a man on a horse and suddenly became on social networks the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse.
The reason is simple and technical: where some have quickly detected a «flare factor», an optical illusion produced by a diffusion of light inside the camera lens, others let their imagination run, tinted of the greatest mysticism.

Léa Chauvel-Lévy, Art critic