Experimental Fiction – Film 35 mm – Color /Black and White – 30 min
Dolby SR/1/1,66

BEST SCRIPT AWARD – Beaumarchais foundation SACD (FR) 2004
BEST FILM AWARD (Special mention) – Belfort international film festival (FR), 2006
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD – «Ecrans documentaires » Film festival (FR), 2006

A filmic essay/poem blending fictional images and archival footage from the Pathé and Gaumont collections from the early XXth century. Based on two figures/characters and paced by their interior monologues, Chroniques explores the mythologies of exile and exodus.

From the grain of stock footage to the pixel of digital image, this film peruses the history of Europe the way we peruse a family photo album: between personal account and fictionalization.